Who we are

Down Syndrome Center (DSC) is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to improve the quality of life of persons with Down Syndrome in Macedonia. The Center was founded in April 2013 by Ida Manton, one year after her daughter, Lucia, with Down Syndrome was born.
Its Executive Committee was formed in July 2013 and is planned to consist of 5-7 members.

The start of the activities of the DSC will work to identify and build a network of Down Syndrome families, share best practices amongst local and international experts, hold regular meetings where all the families will be invited to share experiences, develop a programme of therapy and services for people with Down Syndrome, and make available the state-of-the-art approaches in the field.

The main envisaged objectives include:
• Research and create a Database of persons/families affected by Down Syndrome in Macedonia;
• Increase public awareness regarding this stigmatized topic in Macedonia;
• Work on improving existing legislation affecting people with Down Syndrome;
• Support the existing institutions that specialize in this topic
• Develop workshops that will help the children with Down Syndrome develop their motor skills (crafts, art, yoga, language)
• Organize seminars for the professional staff
• Hold roundtables where the parents will have an opportunity to talk to local and international experts
• Assist students acquire practical experience in working with people with Down Syndrome
• Plan summer/winter camps