Theater play “Call them happiness” (video)

29th Aug 2016

“Call them happiness” is the play that we prepared to celebrate 21st March 2016. The premiere was held at the new Macedonian National Theater.

Professional actors and amateurs with Down syndrome will take you to a dream-provoked adventure for Ricky’s birthday, young boy with Down syndrome. We will all celebrate his birthday and the day which reminds us that in our colorful world there are people with Down syndrome in need of better conditions for development and acceptance in their community.

The motto for World Down Syndrome Day was “My friends, my community”, which reminds us that all children will benefit from the community that gives a chance for inclusion of the children with Down syndrome, and that in this community, friendship, acceptance, respect and high expectations are dominating. Inclusive environments prepare all today’s children for life as tomorrow’s adults, enabling adults with Down syndrome to live, work and participate, with confidence and individual autonomy, fully included in society alongside their friends and peers.

Directors of this play are Zlatko Slavenski and Kushtrim Bekteshi.
Costumes were made by Aleksandar Noshpal.
Aleksandra Kochovska Nacheva created the choreography.
Marijana Kotevska Georgieva is the text writer.
Zlatko Slavenski was in charge of the music, and video projections during the performance were prepared by “3D Project Studio” with Milcho Uzunov as a founder.
Ricky – Goce Marinkovski
Viktor (Ricky’s brother) and the pilot – Borche Nachev
Ricky’s mother and Tree of flowers – Iskra Veterova
Emilia (Vile) – Arna Shijak
The crocodile and the Captain – Marija Novak
Ubava – Florence Garrett
Srekjna – Gabriela Trajchevska
Vezilka – Elizabeta Petkovska
Vesela – Ivana Merdzanovska
Poleten – Leon Ivanov
Shekerche – Mila Siljanovska
Vedra – Endzi Nikoloska
Children –Leona and Lucia Manton, Alan Fejzula

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