Skopje marathon on Sunday, 10 may

8th May 2015
Darko Arsov from Skopje, a person who has earned a gold medal for running

We are proud to announce that this year we have a team of runners at the 5km race. There are 11 runners, out of which 5 are persons with Down syndrome. The team is mixed and the runners are from a few towns in Macedonia and to add international spice to it we are very lucky to have Florence and Veronique Garrett (from UK, but residing in Macedonia) running for our team as well.

We will also have a stand where the general public can buy some of our arts and crafts. Beti Petkovska will sell her embroidery, the Center will sell the calendars, give out brochures and offer some small presents to whoever is interested to join us in celebrating the capability and the strength necessary for such a strenuous endeavor. Come, join us, buy, donate, have fun and show us that we are not that different and good enough to be your friends!!!

The team from T-mobile and Telekom will donate the earnings of their runners to our Center this year and we are very grateful they will run for raising the awareness that the people with Down syndrome deserve a fulfilled life, that they have a potential to do various sports (including running) and that they add a significant value to the communities where they live, study and work. Thank you for believing and sharing your thoughts with the rest of our society Telekom and T-mobile!

Darko Arsov, gold medal in Athens 2004

Darko Arsov, gold medal in athletics at the 2010 European Special Summer Olympic games in Warsaw

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